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Stand Out

I help real estate firms and teams differentiate themselves in today's noise filled real estate market.  I assist clients in demonstrating change, long term vision and value creation to attract team members, astute clients and build better business.

Don't be the same, 

be better + think different

How did working at a top winery impact my outlook on business?


Create Value in Agent and Client Relationships

We work on contract basis to compliment your team. Hire by the hour or by the project. 

Scott has recruited hundreds of agents by demonstrating value and benefit, and he was co-leader of a team that sold and onboarded 33 real estate franchises. As managing broker, Scott's agents average over 26 transactions a year, two Ranked in the Wall Street Journal as top producing agents. Scott brings a unique understanding of the brokerage environment, with a strong focus on profit, client service and agent production.


We help forward thinking firms and teams build with intention by identifying their offering and target agents. Utilizing your strengths we help you build a compelling offering and concise message that will empower your managers and attract talent in todays market.

Maximize Internal Data

Make the most of your internal data to benefit your clients, tremendously valuable data is generated by agents daily.

Benefits: Focused Marketing

Advanced Buyer and Seller Information

Increased Efficiency .

Proactive Data

Real time data  very few people are using. 

While everyone is talking about sales from 45 days ago your agents and clients will have access to  real time trends and trends. We use quantitative and qualitative data from many markets to analyze, measure and report market velocity.

Agent Retention Plans

Create Agent Success Paths

Assist agents at all levels to grow their business and increase revenue. 

Sustainable solutions include new agent success teams utilizing ancillary income sources.

Senior Agent Development.

Listing Improvement

A conscise listing program that will improve all facets of the seller experience. This heavily researched and evolving program has proven to consistently reduce days on the market, improve sold prices by inspiring todays buyers. 

Bring It All Together

Working with Firm or Team leaders to build a long term sustainable plan incorporating all of these items and incorporating an implementation plan with management team. This is where firm culture and vision become one.

Sample Plan

Strategic Planning        $5,750.00 (10 Hours, 6 Onsite)

How will changes in compensation impact your firm?


If you are pro-active this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, to grow, take market share and redefine profitability. This is a new world, and new thinking is needed. Working with you and your staff we will build and map a solution that will energize your team, grow your business and set you apart.

We will start by identifying your firm in the market place and your unique value drivers. Focus on profit driving activity, retention and recruitment of appropriate agents. Ancillary income adoption. The new strategic programs will drastically increase production and activity in new or underperforming agents.


Data + Listing Program                   $1,000.00 (monthly up to 80 agents)

Identify internal data distribution, increase ancillary income utilization and exclusive listing program.                 $2,500.00 (10 hours)


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