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The Raleigh real estate market is like Carlos after a ribeye,

happy, a little guilty and confident. This market is WILD! Scroll ^

Sales prices this year have been sideways. How sideways? The average sales price in May 2023 was $567,657 in May 2022, wait for it $567,675.

All of these numbers are for Wake County, NC.

YTD average sales price? $541,050 for all of 2022 $541,851. Seriously that is about as close to equal you can get with a sample size over 1500 and no control.

This is were the story gets AMAZING. Average list price of a home under contract expected to close in June is over $600,000.00, In July over $610,000.00. Our models show we will see a year over year price increase in June of over 8%. The closed price of homes closed month to date is over asking. The remainder of 2023 is going to be bananas. Carlos also loves bananas.

The gap in performance between good agents and agents that think they are good continues to grow. 459 listings sold for at least a $1,000 over list price, 302 sold for at least $10,000.00 under original list price. A great agent will net you big $$.

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