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Time Is Now For Aspirational Listings℠

Luxury brands have taught us for years people will happily pay for inspiration. Commodity based companies (Target, Ford), have taught us if people are uninspired motivate them with price.

The Aspirational Listing℠ was developed after years of buyer experience and research into buying habits. Initiated during the recession and real estate crisis by the need to survive. We had very large NGO client that awarded business based on performance, we were determined to outperform. In a market where the market is historically slow we identified two realities:

  1. A house sold everyday

  2. Our clients property needed to be that sale

We discovered inspired buyers reacted emotionally and quickly. We studied emotion and communication. Buyers contacted in a way that was appropriate, timely, and familiar were far more receptive. This meant identifying buyer types and curating the listing accordingly. The next step was making sure the listed home exceeded the escalating expectations the listing was creating. It worked, we crushed our competition and and business soared.

The resulting system was named the Aspirational Listing. This system has further evolved over the years and works much better on consumer owned homes, since 2013 the average home listed utilizing the plan sold for 101.4% of list price and in four days. Both numbers are far superior to market averages.

We do not use gimmicks that appeal to sellers, our sellers are better served by us speaking to clients. We build the lure for the fish, not the fisherman, a very unusual approach in real estate.

The last two years of crazy market have created very bad listing habits for sellers and buyers. Selling a home for top dollar is still possible, we have been doing it since 2008.

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