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There is a Difference in Real Estate Service.

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Real estate service and how a listing performs can be curated from the initial meeting.

So many things impact the success of a listing:

Agents approach

Appropriate Preparation


Market Strategy

Knowing Your Market

Knowing Your Buyer

Creating a Compelling Listing

Create A Path of Escalating Expectations

Having a Negotiating Strategy

I recently sold a beautiful townhome in a high-demand area of Wake County for a very knowledgeable seller. Townhouses are the great equalizer; they are the same size, same location, same year built, same builder, and when empty, they look the same.

We faced an issue with a current unit for sale, a different but equal location; the only difference was the floor plan choice. The other TH had one less bath. It had been on the market for 9 days when we hit the market. We watched closely and knew what to expect from a traffic/showing standpoint. We also knew we had to go under contract before that sold; based on the agent and their trends and market trends, it would not benefit my client.

We met the bar of escalating, did everything above, knew our market, and told the correct story in the proper channels. We had a contract the first day, terms both parties were pleased with, and the unit sold for $715,000.00.

The other unit closed four days before ours for $670,000.00. Another one of the same unit is currently on the market, day 50, for $680,000.00.

This is not an uncommon result for us. It is easy to see the difference, especially in new developments where there are often exact homes on the market at or near the same time. Our system has outperformed "top agents" regularly in days on the market and sales price. Details matter.

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