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January Mid-Month Report: Triangle Real Estate

2024 is starting off with A LOT of activity, showings are up vs last year at this time and have almost past last months showings in just 17 days. 11,757 showings have been scheduled month to date in Wake County vs. 13,044 for all of December 2023.

Life Changes Continued through 2022-2023 families grew, kids left home, dogs need yards.

These are serious buyers, 719 contracts have been written and accepted through January 17, a very encouraging sign as only 606 were written in the same period 2023.

January closing numbers, (the numbers that will reported by media in mid to late February) will be interesting. We are tracking very closely to 2023 so do not expect any positive news in the media.

What does all this mean? The market it starting to move in a very positive direction. Barring conflict or rate hike the next six months will be very positive. This is not only based on showing activity and mortgage applications, but on a very non-scientific method i have developed over 36 years in mortgage and real estate: People are sick and tired of being sick and tired. They want to move, a lot of life events have happened in the 19 months since the market slowed down. I am having a lot of conversations with people looking at intelligent options in 2024.

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