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How Do Days on Market Impact Sales Price

I am a huge believer in the less days on market the better. Less days equal less cleaning between showings, less stress and uncertainty, less chance the neighbor will reduce their price.... this list is long.

Analyze, Prepare, Execute is the best way to success. The chart below shows how this impacts price, the less days on the market the higher the price realized by the seller. What this does not take into account is home inspection concessions, which in my experience are zero on less than 5 days on the market, and seller occupancy post close. Both huge seller benefits.

The difference is incredible. The average sales price for an existing (non-new build) home in Wake County, NC was $554,000.00 in August 2023 the same period for the chart. The difference for a home that sells first weekend compared to a home on the market for 10 days is 4.3% or $23,000.00.

Coming soon days count, so beware of "coming soon" listings, you are technically on the market and buyers will hold those days against you.

Further proof, good real estate agents are almost free, bad ones are very expensive.

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