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Brokers: Correctly Using AI to Support Agents and Clients

AI is broad term, and increasingly used out of context. As we know context is different for everyone so I am going to lay out AI in my context.

Using YOUR data in an intelligent way is the easiest way to provide agents and clients with ACCURATE real time intelligence. I like to think of common issues, past experience and available data as oppose to robots and artificially replicating tasks. Think if we could take operational knowledge and give it to all operators to reduce risk, increase value and add certainty. BAM!

Here is a basic example: what if a buyer in large development knew ahead of time what the most common home inspections issues were? OR what if the seller knew and addressed ahead of time? Either scenario is a great risk reducer and adds certainty to the transaction.

What are DD or EMD trends?

What are anticipated concessions given to buyers? (would the example above help correct this?)

Having practices real estate, mortgage and managed agents we all know that being proactive is A LOT less time consuming and money saving than being reactive. Let's discuss ways your firm can offer next level solutions and productize to agents and clients.

Sure chatbots and auto chat features are intriguing but what if you offered real value, not lead capture?

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