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Best Time to List Your Home in the Triangle

A very common question is " when is the best time to list my home in the Triangle". The answer is spring.

Three factors make up the key to a great real estate experience:

  1. Price Realized

  2. Ease of Negotiations

  3. Time on Market

All three of these are intertwined, the shorter time on the market will yield the easiest negotiations and best price. These three things were analyzed to find when is the best time to achieve success when selling.

When Do the Most Homes Sell?

As a seller your are most concerned with "when do most homes go under contract?" This is the time with the largest pool of active buyers. As the chart above shows the top three months every year for the past three years in the Raleigh area have been March, April, May; the traditional "spring market".

When Do Sellers Realized the Best Sales Price?

I am going to address this two ways. First "bidding wars" is one of sellers favorite words. The usual result of a bidding war is a sales price that exceeds the list price. The chart above shows the percentage of list price Raleigh area home sellers realized by month in 2021, 2022, 2023. Again this timing is based on contract date, the chart below shows close date. There is a traditionally a 30-45 gap between contract and closing.

It is easy to see the increases in June and July, this is the result of homes going under contract in March, April and May. Check the success chart to see what happens if you list in top sales months; it cost you .5%-3% in realized sales price.

Ease of Selling

Here we are looking for valleys, low points represent the lowest days on market in the Raleigh home market. For a seller that means two things, high quality showings quickly and a better sales price. No one wants days on the market anymore. A lot goes into reducing time on the market: preparation, appropriated photos, aspirational curation combined with timing will provide a great experience .

Bottom Line: Find a great agent, start prepping your listing now, trust the system and be successful.

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