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Benefits of Buying Without Buying?

Thinking about buying but afraid of where the market is going? Interest rates making you unsure?

What if you could realize price appreciation on a home without having to deal with either of these?

I have a program that allows buyers to pick out their own home (some limitations apply) up to $500,000.00 in metro Raleigh, and lock in future price gains with no risk. You find the home, we give you rental rates for five years, and buy prices for five years based on the actual sales price of the home. If it looks good to you and you qualify for the rental payment we buy the home, do repairs you request and you move in about 6-8 weeks.

If in a year the home is worth more you can buy at the agreed upon price and realize the difference as equity. Say the market does nothing and you decide you do not like the house? You can move after one year, do the program again or simply rent or buy another home. There is no down side if you are renting now, this basically gives you a potential return on your rent.

To summarize:

  1. Get qualified

  2. Pick any home that is currently for sale, some restrictions

  3. Rent for 1 year or 5 all rental rates are agreed to upfront

  4. Landlord takes care of home

  5. At the end of any of the five years you can purchase for an agreed upon price

  6. If you do not like the home or you have an opportunity in another community you can leave

If a renter had done this two years ago in Raleigh they would have tens of thousands in equity.

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