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What Buyer Agency Should Be...

By definition a "buyers agent" is the buyer agent, their fiduciary. The reality is many agents do not have expertise in the area in which they are practicing, or often even the type of home putting buyers at risk. The North Carolina Real Estate Commission had a large increase in filed complaints during the crazy market of 2021 and 2022 undoubtably tied to buyers remorse of paying far over ask for a home with no home inspection.

How can brokerages help their agent be better buyer agents? It has never been easier, especially for larger firms with a lot of current and past transactions. The benefit to consumers can be substantial, to agents time saving and to managers peace of mind.

Just a few ideas that we are implementing for clients:

-common home inspection issues on similiarly aged and localled homes

-market velocity, showing information

-previous Due Dilligence amounts

-well and septic information (when applicable)

-easy access to zoning changes

-loan types and investor owners

Great benefits to an agent no working alone.

All of these things will allow buyers to make better decisions and make agents more effective, creating value for all. We are very excited to see where this goes in our never ending quest to make real estate better.

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